PET/CT Imaging

Brand New 2022 LSO PET/CT System!

Discover Modern Nuclear’s latest addition to our PET/CT fleet, meticulously designed to elevate your diagnostic capabilities while ensuring maximum patient comfort.

In addition to the typical clinical benefits of a PET/CT system, the 2022 Biograph Horizon provides:

  • 4mm resolution for highest diagnostic accuracy.

  • Adaptive dose modulation for up to 60% dose reduction.

  • Reduction of metal artifacts in cardiac PET imaging caused by pacemaker wires, surgical clips, ECG lead wires.

  • 16 Slice CT count to allow for faster overall patient throughput during cardiac scans.

  • Higher temperature threshold allowing for greater patient comfort

Mobile Cardiac PET/CT Imaging in La Habra, CA

Modern Nuclear’s mobile cardiac PET/CT stands out with its superior accuracy, reduced radiation, and efficiency in detecting coronary artery disease, surpassing traditional nuclear stress testing methods like SPECT. Our cardiac PET/CT perfusion scan captures blood flow to the heart at rest and under stress, identifying decreased blood flow that might require angioplasty or surgical intervention. This service is completed within 45 minutes per patient in our state-of-the-art imaging trailer, allowing customary workflow within the office setting to be undisturbed.

To expand your service capabilities, increase proper diagnostic percentage, and increase the clarity and quality of your cardiac scans, click here to contact us so you can see firsthand how you and your organization can benefit from using our mobile Rubidium Cardiac PET/CT service

The benefits of utilizing Modern Nuclear’s Positron Emission Tomography and Computed Tomography (PET/CT) service:

  • No additional overhead expenses for your office
  • Total patient time 1/4 of typical SPECT study
  • No internal office specific required
  • Utilize your rooms for patient visits
  • PET/CT HD image quality improves interpretive certainty
  • 1/10th the radiation exposure compared to SPECT
  • No residual radiation
  • Less soft tissue attenuation in studies compared to SPECT
  • Superior sensitivity and specificity of CAD over SPECT
  • Reduced physician cath-lab frequency due the accuracy
  • Includes myocardial blood flow & coronary flow reserve
  • Latest Cedars-Sinai processing & interpretation software
  • Imaging and reports stored on a secured PACs system
  • 24/7 remote access from your computer of choice
  • Accredited by IAC, and a certified Medicare provider

Get your office started with our mobile PET/CT service.

Myocardial Blood Flow Reserve

Increase the accuracy of your diagnosis by incorporating MBFR results. This is an example of Cedars-Sinai Blood Flow software captured on the Modern Nuclear, Inc. PET/CT acquisition camera using Rubidium.

Below is an example of a single patient study in 3D mode, processed utilizing Cedars-Sinai's software. Lexiscan Stress dose of 25mCi Rb-82 and Rest dose of 25 mCi Rb-82.

Cardiac Scan captured using our mobile Rubidium PET/CT scanner in both stress and rest conditions and displayed using Cedars Sinai’s processing software.

Rubidium PET/CT Stress and Rest using Cedars Sinai’s QPS results software.

Rubidium PET/CT Stress and Rest using Cedars Sinai’s QGS results software.

Rubidium PET/CT Stress and Rest using Cedars Sinai’s change results software.