SPECT Imaging


Portable Cardiac SPECT Imaging in La Habra, CA

Modern Nuclear offers a comprehensive solution for cardiac imaging with our portable cardiac SPECT scans. Our scans provide precise insights into coronary blockages, scarring, and overall heart health by analyzing myocardial uptake during both rest and stress phases. Designed for convenience, our compact camera system fits seamlessly into spaces as small as 7’x8’ and accommodates patients up to 500 lbs. Physicians can expect swift and trustworthy results with our same-day myocardial perfusion imaging protocol.

To begin cardiac SPECT imaging for your patients from the comfort of your office, click here to contact us so you can see first hand how you and your office can benefit using our portable SPECT imaging service.

The benefits of utilizing Modern Nuclear’s Single-Photon Emission Computerized Tomography (SPECT) service:

  • Latest interactive Cedars-Sinai processing and reading software for diagnostic clarity
  • Dual-head Digirad Cardius 2XPO camera
  • Efficient: High quality diagnostic results while optimizing throughput
  • Effective: Solid-state flat panel detector technology optimizes results. Features HDSD detectors that raise the standard in image quality, reliability, and performance
  • Staff a certified nuclear technologist and licensed paramedic with ACLS certification
  • Imaging and reports stored on a secured remote server for 24/7 access
  • Our staff will work independently, handle all radioactive materials and SHARPS containers, and conduct desired method of stress test (pharmacologically, treadmill, or both)
  • Billing support is provided as well as patient instruction brochures for testing

Get your office started with our in-house SPECT service.

Below is an example of a single patient study in 3D mode, processed utilizing Cedars-Sinai's software.

Cardiac scan captured using our portable Digirad Cardius XPO2 cameras displaying both stress and rest conditions. 7 minute acquisition time.

Results page produced using Cedar Sinai’s reporting software for Quantitative Perfusion SPECT (QPS) utilized for physician interpretation.

Results page produced using Cedar Sinai’s reporting software for Quantitative Gated SPECT (QGS) utilized for physician interpretation.